We've got a great range of single, return and unlimited travel tickets to get you on your way along the coast cheaply and speedily. Use the look-up facility on the right hand side to check all point-to-point fares on Coasthopper buses.

All fares and tickets are available to buy from the driver when you board. We can’t accept card payments for travel (yet) so you'll need to pay in cash, and we'd really appreciate it if you could have as close to the exact amount as possible to speed things up. If you've got an English National Bus Pass, please show to the driver each time you travel - these are valid on all buses except before 0930 and after 2300 on Mondays to Fridays. Norfolk residents may use their passes after 0830 on Mondays to Fridays for journeys between Hunstanton and Cromer ONLY, these are not valid until 0930 between Hunstanton and King's Lynn or between Norwich and Cromer.

Dogs travel free, but may be refused travel by the driver if they are considered a risk to other passengers on the bus. Family group tickets are for four people, with a maximum of two adults in each group.

Under 16s get around a third off the adult price, and 16-19s get around 20% off, any time, any day, with no ID needed.

Single fares

These cover one single trip, and are available in adult, under 16, 16-19 and family group versions.

Return fares

These cover one trip there and back, and are available in adult, under 16, 16-19 and family group versions. The return trip must be made on the same day as the outward journey.

Two adults travelling there and back together may also buy a ‘Duo’ return which gives a 15% discount on the price of two adult standard return tickets.

Weekly tickets

Weekly tickets are available in adult, under 16 and 16-19 versions, and give unlimited travel between two specific points for seven days.

Coasthopper Rover

Coasthopper Rovers are valid on all Coasthopper buses between Norwich, Cromer, Wells, Hunstanton and King’s Lynn and come in 1, 3 and 7 day versions, so you can hop on, hop off as much as you wish. They are also available in adult, under 16, 16-19 and family group versions, and are also valid for travel on connecting Norfolk Green 10 and 11 buses between King's Lynn and Hunstanton.

Bittern Rover

Bittern Rovers give a day’s unlimited travel on Coasthopper buses between Sheringham, Wells and Hunstanton (but not between Norwich and Sheringham or between Hunstanton and King’s Lynn) plus Bittern Line trains between Sheringham and Norwich. Buy them on the bus, on the train or from rail station ticket offices.


Explorer tickets give a day's unlimited travel on all Coasthopper, Norfolk Green and Konectbus services across Norfolk and into Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire without any time restrictions whatsoever.